What can acupuncture and Chinese medicine help you with?

Do you have a sore back, headaches, aching joints? Are you generally stressed? Do you have eczema or skin problems? Have you suffered from high blood pressure? Or do you want to increase your well-being, enhance your physical and mental capacities? Then this could be something for you.

Traditional Chinese medicine is more than two thousand years old and expresses itself in various forms such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy, massage, herbal medicine, meditation, breathing exercises and martial arts. It is a proven treatment system applied preventively as well as in rehabilitation and treatments.

“There are no inherent contradictions between the Chinese and Western Medicine” (Reijo Pöyhönen: Acupuncture Chinese medicine). Today, when seeking medical assistance, traditional and modern medicine are often combined. Modern medicine tries to attack syndrome or disease by identifying symptoms. A treatment should then remove those symptoms. The essence of Chinese medicine is to see the imbalance of the whole person and searching for patterns shown by different signs and symptoms. World Health Organization WHO advocates that traditional Chinese acupuncture / classical acupuncture integrated into the health care system too, among other things conserve the world’s resources.


Patrick Bacquin, originally from France, trained to become an acupuncturist in Sweden, China and Japan. He has also worked in health care as intensive care and emergency nurse. He has been diligently training Chinese and Japanese martial arts as well as health practices such as  qigong and kendo, and has taught these since the 90s.